About KU

Our vision, as part of the Kalamazoo Community Education program, is to actively create, promote, and sustain an environment in which each participant is challenged and supported in pursuit of personal growth in the areas of sport, nutrition, and wellness. The overall physical and mental well being of student-athletes is a top priority of the Kalamazoo United Swim Club coaching staff.


The Kalamazoo United Swim Club program shares in the educational and fitness mission of Kalamazoo Community Education by offering opportunities to experience interpersonal growth, social development, and to improve physical and mental health for student athletes. It also fosters a sense of athletic spirit and tradition. Competitions provide an entertaining escape from the normal rigors of school and practice. This athletic program will strive to create and enhance a positive image for the Kalamazoo community.


Athletic spirit, team unity, and community pride will be developed through a successful swimming and diving program. All athletes will be expected to make swimming/diving one of the top priorities in their lives during each season. This program will strive to develop athletes into successful contributors within our community.